The Trainers

Robert Sanchez has been training dogs for over 25 years. He was a professional dog handler for the Springdale Police Department for almost nine years. Dur­ing that time, Robert and his K-9 part­ner Pele, received a Utility Dog Certifi­cation through the North American Po­lice Work Dog Association and held that title through his entire K-9 handling ca­reer. Robert is currently in charge of the K-9 Program for the Springdale Po­lice Department,

Robert has been training dogs in the ci­vilian market for over 18 years and has trained hundreds of dogs during that time.

Robert is also a certifying official for Police dogs for the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Claire Sanchez, Robert’s daughter has been attending dog training classes for 13 years. She has been actively training dogs for 5 years.  Claire has competed  in the AKC obedience ring.